New York State Government Site Helps Families. Know What to Look for in a Nursing Home

If you manage a nursing home, you’ll want to be aware of the New York Government site At this site, families can find great information to help them find a nursing home for their senior family members.

There is a map, showing the NY state and a search feature people can use to find nursing homes and facilities by specific types of care that they offer in their area. They also can specify the distance from a zip code that they would like to find this facility.

One of the features we recommend nursing homes review is Questions to Ask when Choosing a Nursing Home. It is ideal to have answers prepared for each of these questions, so that families can receive the information that they are seeking. Reading this section may help some nursing homes discover exactly the specific areas that concern families when they choose a nursing home, and which questions they are being guided to ask when reviewing facilities.

There are many sections for question topics, including Health Care Decisions, Residents’ Rights, Safety, Cleanliness, Food, Medical/Nursing Care and Dementia Units/Alzheimer Units to name several. Questions can be found here:

Take for example, their questions about Staffing:

  • How many staff work on the unit my loved one will live in, on each shift?
  • How do you ensure that staff really know the resident they are assigned to?

These are all excellent questions to ask about how staffing is managed at your facility. If you have any staffing needs, let Meridian Nurse Recruiters be a helpful resource to you. We offer nurse and healthcare recruiting for Temporary & Permanent Staffing, Short & Long Term Coverage, Direct Hire Services, Temp to Perm Staffing and 24/7 Staffing. Meridian can act as your HR department – without the burden of maintaining one. Visit our site to learn more:, then give us a call.


5 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Nurse We Know

“This year I’ll go back to school to learn something new.” – This is an excellent New Year’s Resolution to make for 2014. There are many courses you can take as a nurse, whether towards an advanced degree, certificate or as a continuing education student. Pick out something you’d like to learn and set the goal that you’ll take a course by the end of March.


“This year I’ll give something back.” – Many nurses do so much in their daily lives at work, but some feel called to do volunteer work as nurses. If this is something you would like to do, there are many organizations that would love to hear from you. There are local, regional and international efforts that need nurses desperately. A recent effort was the relief efforts following the devastating Typhoon in thePhilippines.


“This year I’ll really get to know my coworkers.” – This is a great New Year’s Resolution to choose. Often you can know a small group of coworkers that you work with quite well, but you may not know others who work for the same facility or even the same department. Now is the time to make the effort, and get to know others that you work with. There may be the opportunity to collaborate with them in the future or simply learning from them or even a great work friend around the corner.


“This year I’ll get rid of a bad habit.” – This is a very popular New Year’s Resolution, and as nurses we often feel we have to model healthy habits for our patients. Take proactive steps to help ensure that your 2014 resolution has every chance of success. If your goal is to exercise more, pack your gym bag before leaving for work and put it in the car so you’re ready to stop on the way home. If your goal is to eat healthy snacks instead of out of the vending machine, leave the quarters at home and pack string cheese, apples and yogurt, all very portable, healthy snacks.


“This year I’ll put myself on the path for promotion.” – This is an achievable New Year’s resolution for many. Take stock of your skills and the needs at your facility. What do you need to improve to put yourself in the best position for a promotion this year? Now is the time to create an action plan, step by step, to achieve your goal of a promotion.


Wishing you a Happy, Healthy & Safe New Year from your friends at Meridian Nurse Recruiters!


Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Nurses

The holiday season is here and many of us are caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. It can be hard to know exactly what to get your co-workers. But if you are a fellow nurse, you know that those “nurse knick-knacks” are probably not on their list. Fortunately, we’ve got some great ideas that will even make the crankiest supervisor crack a smile when he/she unwraps your gift.


Manicure/Pedicure – Now it is easy to get this gift for someone who gets their nails done regularly, but why not get it for someone on your gift list who doesn’t usually get their nails polished and who could use a little pampering? If you’ve ever been to a nail salon, you know it is more than just picking out what color they choose to polish your nails. Giving this gift means someone gets a full hour to relax and they leave looking terrific. It’s the perfect gift to give that busy mom nurse or new nurse you know who is always on-the-go.


Coffee Mug w/Treats – Anyone can give a coffee mug, but what makes this gift special is giving your fellow nurse their favorite “with coffee” treat that they love to enjoy. It could be a cookie they indulge themselves in on a good day. Or a chocolate they’ll buy occasionally. Most nurses you know will be generous and share any treats they receive, so be sure you give them a big box or package of treats that can be passed around to the group and they’ll still be able to enjoy some themselves.


A Really Good Read – A very busy nurse I once know loved to read books every chance she got. Of course she was too busy during her shifts to read, but on her days off, she was known to read one or even two books in a day. You probably know a nurse or two like this, who simply can’t resist a really good read. Giving a bookstore gift card can sometimes be the best gift because then they can pick out a book they haven’t read. Or ask if they’ve got a book in mind they’ve been longing to read & go pick it up for them!


The Gift of Laughter – This is a great gift to give any nurse, as we know sometimes the days can be long and sometimes they can be stressful or tense. Any nurse could use a good laugh at the end of the day. Get tickets to your local comedy club and have a Nurses Night Out after the holidays. Or get them a DVD of their favorite TV series like Seinfeld, Friends or The Golden Girls so they can giggle and laugh while changing out of their scrubs.




Organ Donor

As a nurse or nursing student you may know just how important it is to be an organ donor. One nurse who decided to donate a kidney discovered that he was the perfect match for one of the children he was helping to care for on his dialysis unit! Nurses: do you donate blood or have you registered as an organ donor?


University of Evansville Health Fair

15 University of Evansville nursing students chose a big project for their annual senior nursing project. They created a health Fair at a local church to serve lower income families and individuals. The nurses hope to help with topics that include depression screenings, tooth-brushing education, blood pressure checks and recipes for inexpensive and healthy meals. As a nursing student or a nurse, how have you reached out to help your community? Share with us in the comments below!


University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing

A Big Congratulations to the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing‘s 15th Annual “Cameos of Caring” Awards Gala. They honored 73 terrific nurses this year from different health care facilities. This awards ceremony was created in 1999, to honor and recognize nurses for their hard work and dedication. As of this year, more than 750 nurses have received awards from the University of Pittsburgh. What makes a nurse stand head & shoulders above the rest? Who would you nominate for an award and why?


Are You At Risk for Nursing Burnout?

Are You At Risk for Nursing Burnout?

Many go into nursing because it is a position where you can make a difference and really care about the people you serve. But this can also become a challenge for some nurses and nursing students who are vulnerable to burnout. In the fast-paced world of medicine and the hectic pace that daily life takes, feeling more than a normal amount of stress can be typical. Caring for yourself is so critical to help avoid burnout. Do you know if you are at risk for nursing burnout?

Nurses under stress may be feeling some of the following symptoms:

  • eating too much or too little
  • bullying or being the victim of bullying on your unit
  • stress related illness that can manifest in different ways – you may be more vulnerable to catching colds or flu or minor injuries or a chronic condition may feel worse, or you may feel many symptoms while experiencing stress

Nursing burnout can happen. You are spending your days and nights caring about people during their most vulnerable and often some of their most stressful moments. Even if you work in the maternity ward where you see many happy new parents and adorable babies, there will be tense moments and stressful situations where having a nurse there matters.

If you are concerned about nursing burnout, now is the time to do something about it. Take good care of your health. In order to be there to care for others, you must first care for yourself. It will be difficult to care for others if you are the patient who is most in need!

Not only should you monitor yourself, but also keep a watchful eye on your fellow coworkers for any potential nursing burnout. Reaching out a friendly hand and a listening ear could not only make you a good friend and coworker but could make a big difference during a vulnerable time.



Real Time Nursing Situations

University of Southern Indiana nursing students are preparing to handle real-life nursing situations by working with a simulator. The simulator has a pulse, makes body function sounds and can help them plan for working with patients. If you are a nurse, how did you prepare to work with patients on a unit or in the ER? If you are a nursing student, what has helped you prepare to work with patients?



A nursing professor has created an innovative ostomy resource to help her fellow nurses! Janice Beitz, a professor at the Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden was part of a research team which created an ostomy algorithm. This algorithm is a step-by-step aid that lets nurses assess ostomy patients and their specific needs. This is exciting news and will certainly help many nurses who serve ostomy patients and will help the patients receive excellent care. As a nurse, how have you helped your fellow nurses? Share with us in the comments!



In the mood for a good giggle? Take a short break today and enjoy these 10 favorite nursing jokes from Scrubs Magazine! Share your favorite nursing or medical joke with us!


Apps have become popular with nurses. A study done last year showed that 71% of nurses used their Smartphones professionally. Here are 11 popular apps from Apple to use on your iPhone to help patients and make the workday run smoothly! Share your favorite nursing and medical apps with us!



Help a RN or LPN you know

Help a RN or LPN you know & get a gift too! Did you know that Meridian Nurse Recruiters has a Referral Program? We have full-time, part-time and per diem placements for RNs and LPNs. Remember: each time you refer someone – you receive a gift or a bonus from us as a special Thank You!


We all know that nurses care and often go that extra mile. Read about this nursing student in Burlington, Vermont who when she picked up a copy of the licensing exam study guide at Barnes and Noble, she found an inspiring and sweet note from a veteran nurse and a $10 Starbucks gift card. Have you ever “paid it forward” to help a fellow nurse or nursing student through an act of kindness? Share it with us!


Nurses are handling more disasters than every before, like Superstorm Sandy or the Boston Marathon bombings. Volunteer nursing students, faculty and alumni at Northeastern School of Nursing in Massachusetts have now formed a partnership with the American Red Cross, to be prepared. It is called “When The Time Comes.” How are you helping to prepare your facility and patients for serious circumstances?


Hurricane Sandy – True Nursing At It’s Best!

NY have battled many in its history, but none were prepared for this. Hurricane Sandy on 10/29/12 unleashed a fury that ignited fears and courage all over New York. I have witnessed personally the devastation brought upon NY by this natural phenomenon and I have seen the true nature of dedication Nurses have to their community.

Our clients are wide and vast and I must commend the RNs, LPNs and CNAs for banding together in this great time of need. I’ve heard so many stories that I lost count. Stories of nurses abandoning their vehicle in waist-high water to make it to work, nurses working four plus shifts and not willing to leave until the danger is adverted. I’ve even heard about nurses opening their homes (those that weren’t affected much) to comrades for shelter just to make it to work the next day.

Many hospitals were evacuated due to various unforeseen circumstances, but no matter the challenges, the Nursing bond could not be broken. Not one report of failed nursing attempts while evacuating during the torrential down pour, vast flooding and many other constraints thrown at them.

When we say Nurses, the titles are long and wide. From the head – Director of Nursing Services down the ladder to CNAs were all hands on deck.

Today We Salute You…The Nurses Of NYC!!!