New York State Government Site Helps Families. Know What to Look for in a Nursing Home

If you manage a nursing home, you’ll want to be aware of the New York Government site At this site, families can find great information to help them find a nursing home for their senior family members.

There is a map, showing the NY state and a search feature people can use to find nursing homes and facilities by specific types of care that they offer in their area. They also can specify the distance from a zip code that they would like to find this facility.

One of the features we recommend nursing homes review is Questions to Ask when Choosing a Nursing Home. It is ideal to have answers prepared for each of these questions, so that families can receive the information that they are seeking. Reading this section may help some nursing homes discover exactly the specific areas that concern families when they choose a nursing home, and which questions they are being guided to ask when reviewing facilities.

There are many sections for question topics, including Health Care Decisions, Residents’ Rights, Safety, Cleanliness, Food, Medical/Nursing Care and Dementia Units/Alzheimer Units to name several. Questions can be found here:

Take for example, their questions about Staffing:

  • How many staff work on the unit my loved one will live in, on each shift?
  • How do you ensure that staff really know the resident they are assigned to?

These are all excellent questions to ask about how staffing is managed at your facility. If you have any staffing needs, let Meridian Nurse Recruiters be a helpful resource to you. We offer nurse and healthcare recruiting for Temporary & Permanent Staffing, Short & Long Term Coverage, Direct Hire Services, Temp to Perm Staffing and 24/7 Staffing. Meridian can act as your HR department – without the burden of maintaining one. Visit our site to learn more:, then give us a call.


NYC Gas Crisis

NY will continue to experience phenomenons left over from “Sandy”. Every person you speak to, the same words are repeated….”I need gas” “Where can I find gas” to name a few.

Over 40 years ago there was a gas shortage, people used to steal, fight and rare occasions commit horrible crimes just for a few gallons of gas. That era is being repeated today bring with it  dark, stressful dreadful vibes.

Who would think in my lifetime I would experience such an ordeal.

But, as New Yorker’s we must do what we have always been doing in times of need. We will band together, we will provide for thy fellow neighbor, we will over come this stagnant energy and triumph over all. NY is the backbone of america and I need not remind you that every country in the world refers to NY as America. We will survive and we will prevail!!!