To those that served to make this country what it is today…We Say Thank You!!!

To those that served to make this country what it is today...We Say Thank You!!!

Your Sacrifice is what made us United States of America

We Will Offer Whatever little we can…

Hurricane Sandy turned out to be more devastating than anyone had expected, leaving millions without power, destroying homes, causing flooding, and crippling transit throughout the tri-state area. Even though the storm is over, we at Meridian Nurse Recruiters hope that you are all safe, and we are inviting anyone to our office in Elmhurst, who may need a cup of hot coffee, a warm place to catch your breath, or a place to re-charge your electronic devices. Our door is open to you!


NYC Gas Crisis

NY will continue to experience phenomenons left over from “Sandy”. Every person you speak to, the same words are repeated….”I need gas” “Where can I find gas” to name a few.

Over 40 years ago there was a gas shortage, people used to steal, fight and rare occasions commit horrible crimes just for a few gallons of gas. That era is being repeated today bring with it  dark, stressful dreadful vibes.

Who would think in my lifetime I would experience such an ordeal.

But, as New Yorker’s we must do what we have always been doing in times of need. We will band together, we will provide for thy fellow neighbor, we will over come this stagnant energy and triumph over all. NY is the backbone of america and I need not remind you that every country in the world refers to NY as America. We will survive and we will prevail!!!

Meridian’s Open House Event

Meridian's Open House Event

Refreshments will be served