Meridian’s Open House Event

Meridian's Open House Event

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Job Hunting like Fishing

Today’s market is flooded with individuals seeking employment. Companies conduct interviews in person, on the phone and some via web cam. I recently ran into an old friend who is out in the job market seeking a position. I myself love fishing and what he described to me sounded alot like fishing. 


His routine consists of everyday reading the news paper looking at the classifieds at what the market has to offer today. Carrying a Master’s in Finance he is constantly seeing ads for Financial Analyst, Financial this, Financial that every day. He applies and applies with very little luck. My advice to him was this…

Try your best to schedule interviews on the same day, walk with materials to cover the just in case factor and always cast many options. Then I realized when I go fishing, I do “Try to fishing for multiple fishes on the same day, walk with all equipment to cover the just in case factor and have as many baits as possible to have options”.


Its amazing how a hobby can be used to help guide someone along the right path. 

With that being said, as a job seeker my advice to you is “Always be ready for anything”