Is Your Facility Covered for Upcoming School Vacations?

Is Your Facility Covered for Upcoming School Vacations?


Most of us in the Tri-State area have eagerly begun counting the days ‘till Spring arrives. We’re tired of shoveling snow and walking over icy sidewalks to get everywhere. Let Old Man Winter blow his chilly winds someplace else! But before you cross another day off your calendar, its time to ask yourself: is your facility or hospital ready to cover upcoming school vacations?


Both public & private schools from pre-K to grade 12 typically take one week off during the spring. There also may be a short break for the Passover and Easter holidays, depending on the calendar and the school’s preference for scheduling breaks. These spring breaks are peak times for families to plan that fun vacation to visit a theme park such as Disneyworld or to visit Grandma a few states away from home. So more than likely, your hospital or facility will have quite a few employees asking for time off during these school breaks.


Getting time off when an employee wants it is considered one of the top benefits. reports that Gallup reported on how unhappy employees cost companies in the U.S.A. more than $300 billion a year. Keeping your employees happy is one of the best ways to contribute to their productivity levels. And giving them a day or week off when they’ve requested it is a very helpful way to do this.


Your hospital or medical facility needs to be prepared for the upcoming school holidays, such as spring break and the religious holidays. Now is also the ideal time to plan for summer vacation, as schools typically break for three to two and a half months, and many families take a one to two week vacation during this time. Getting coverage plans organized well in advance is the proactive and practical solution, so there is far less stress for everyone working on the unit or the floor.


Those school holidays will be here sooner than you think. Contact Meridian Nurse Recruiters today at 718-255-5830and let us know how we can help with your spring and summer vacation coverage!



Help Your Patients Make the Most of Visitors During The Holidays

Help Your Patients Make the Most of Visitors During The Holidays


Whether your patients are in the hospital or under your care in their homes as a private nurse, it isn’t fun being sick during the holidays. But what is most important is that a patient gets better – and visitors need to understand how to be the best type of visitor during this merry and jolly season. Some may be tempted to bring a bottle of champagne to ring in the New Year and have “just a little glass” but for someone on medication that doesn’t mix with alcohol; this can be a great risk. Your patients are counting on you – whether they realize it or not – to help guide them and their visitors to understand how to visit and what type of gifts are okay to bring.


Sometimes the best gift of all is not a “present” but simply to give your “presence.” Many who are sick love to have a visitor. Depending on their medical condition, they may not be permitted to have certain foods or plants. If they are ill but permitted to have visitors it may be easiest to let visitors know to just come and spend time with their loved one.


Share photos or videos. Today’s technology makes it so much easier to keep in touch with that soon-to-be new mom or grandma while she is on the mend. Encourage loved ones to bring photos in frames or in their phones to share, or videos to show their loved ones.


Offering a helping hand while someone is sick can often be quite welcomed. Many who are sick worry about their daily life, and how smoothly all is running in their absence. If you tell loved ones they could offer to walk the dog, feed the cat or take their children on a fun outing that would likely mean more to them than a box of candy they may not be permitted to eat. Best of all, this may be something that is quite convenient for them to do, something they would have done anyway out of the goodness of their heart.


The comforts of home are another wonderful gift a visitor can bring, as long as they are permitted, depending on someone’s condition. If a visitor can bring cozy socks or a sweater from home, this may make someone feel more comfortable and at ease while in the hospital or a rehab center.


If food is permitted to bring then remind the visitor to check if there are any guidelines for food. The patient may have dietary restrictions based on their current medical conditions they didn’t have before. Bringing in a small quantity of food may be the ideal choice, a selection of holiday cookies or treats if these are allowed. A storage container is suggested so the patient could enjoy them for a day or so following the visit.


Remind those who visit to check with the nursing station about the suggested time for a visit. Some patients may be up for a longer visit and others may need a short one. Most patients are happy to see visitors but all patients do need their rest.




Hurricane Sandy – True Nursing At It’s Best!

NY have battled many in its history, but none were prepared for this. Hurricane Sandy on 10/29/12 unleashed a fury that ignited fears and courage all over New York. I have witnessed personally the devastation brought upon NY by this natural phenomenon and I have seen the true nature of dedication Nurses have to their community.

Our clients are wide and vast and I must commend the RNs, LPNs and CNAs for banding together in this great time of need. I’ve heard so many stories that I lost count. Stories of nurses abandoning their vehicle in waist-high water to make it to work, nurses working four plus shifts and not willing to leave until the danger is adverted. I’ve even heard about nurses opening their homes (those that weren’t affected much) to comrades for shelter just to make it to work the next day.

Many hospitals were evacuated due to various unforeseen circumstances, but no matter the challenges, the Nursing bond could not be broken. Not one report of failed nursing attempts while evacuating during the torrential down pour, vast flooding and many other constraints thrown at them.

When we say Nurses, the titles are long and wide. From the head – Director of Nursing Services down the ladder to CNAs were all hands on deck.

Today We Salute You…The Nurses Of NYC!!!

Everything is Bigger in Texas- Including the Babies! – Technorati Technorati Women

I’ve been told everything is big in Texas. One new mother helped prove that point on Friday when she gave birth to a 16 pound, 1 oz. baby boy. A world record? Well no. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest newborn was a 23 pound, 12oz. baby born in Canada in 1879. But this newborn will most certainly hold the record for the hospital he was born in, Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview, and possibly even the great state of Texas. The state of Texas is busy combing the records now. And since Texas is into being bigger than anyone else, it certainly couldn’t have happened to a better state. Or a nicer couple.

His name is JaMichael Brown. An unusual name, but his parents names are Janet and Michael. That’s kind of sweet. You probably need to write that name down and remember it, because 18 years from now, I’m betting we hear it again when colleges start drafting for football players.

His parents, Janet Johnson and Michael Brown had admittedly been expecting a large baby. Janet had some issues with gestational diabetes which is known to cause larger babies. The doctors had told them to expect a larger baby, but everyone was surprised at JaMichael’s actual size at birth. He was a good 4 pounds larger than what they had expected. JaMichael wasn’t fooling around.

Not only did he top 16 pounds, but he is nearly 2 feet long, with a full head of hair. He is about the size of a 3 to 6 month old. In fact, so large that the hospital did not have diapers to fit him available in the nursery. Fortunately for his mom, he was born as a scheduled cesarean. I had two girls naturally and the largest was 7 lbs. and I felt like I was delivering a volkswagen. So bless the doctor that made the call on the cesarean. I’m sure she is glad about that too.

via Everything is Bigger in Texas- Including the Babies! – Technorati Technorati Women.

17 infants die in 48 hours at 1 Indian hospital

Start of an epidemic?

17 infants die in 48 hours at 1 Indian hospital – Yahoo! News.