During last month’s heat wave that covered a part of the Northeast in unbearable heat which reportedly has not been seen since the 1940s, one of the nurses in a Brooklyn nursing home called out complaining about sleepless night because of an overnight power interruption in his Queens home. His voice was course and sounded really sick as he was telling me that he is expected to work the following shift, which is 7a-3p. The call was placed at 3:10 am that gave us barely four hours to find coverage. Good thing for us, we had a bevy of nurses working at night shift who agreeably took the shift for the poor nurse. We even provided coverage for other on-staff nurses who called out on the night of heat wave crisis.

Staffing 24/7 really pays off for facilities that has this kind of service. With such in place, RN Supervisors are not burdened to do the calls themselves. A dedicated and live staffing coordinator working round-the-clock can be informed of any staffing need. Within minutes, she would report to the RN Supervisor on duty to confirm replacements or emergency coverage. With such ease in staffing, nurses can focus more on what is important, patient care.

Meridian Nurse Staffing offers 24-7 Staffing at no cost to the facility. Talk to an agency representative on how to avail of this valuable service. Email mprimero@meridiannurse.com or call 718-255-5830.

Take charge with 24-7 Staffing.