What Are You Doing to Avoid “the Revolving Door” of Employee Turnaround?

What Are You Doing to Avoid “the Revolving Door” of Employee Turnaround?


Everyone knows that hiring and finding a job in the medical field is far simpler than in many other industries. But HR Managers and top executives at hospitals and medical facilities “in the know” understand the great value in doing what they can to avoid the “revolving door” of employee turnaround.


While you may not always be able to control an employee’s decision to exit – a spouse can get a job across the country or several states away, an employee can decide they want to be a stay-at-home parent or they could choose to go back to school full-time. But every medical facility should do what they can to prevent losing employees to their competitor’s great offer of a fantastic job that a current employee can’t say “No” to. Fortunately there are some steps you can take right now to help close that revolving door – firmly shut!


Improve Communication at Your Hospital or Medical Facility. A lack of or poor communication is one of the top reasons cited for low employee morale. Employees who don’t feel valued and motivated are going to be tempted by an offer from a competitor. It may take time & effort to improve communication in each department or you may need to implement a few simple practical steps to make things run smoother for everyone – but the most important thing to do is to ask staff “what needs to be better?”


Offer Continuing Education for All Staff. This is a benefit many employees appreciate – and it is actually one that benefits you immensely. A highly trained work force at work in your hospital or medical facility shows that you attract top-notch employees and retain them – it also shows that you care about medical innovations to keep everyone up-to-date. A hospital or medical facility that offers continuing education is one where employees will get excited about what they are doing and also be eager to make both short and long term plans to work with them.


Create a System of Awards and Rewards for Employees. Everyone likes to be appreciated for hard work. Work with each department and create a system of both awards and reward, to show your appreciate for employees on each level. Whether employees receive a plaque, thanks from the hospital’s President or attend a special luncheon or breakfast in their honor, all of these are well worth it to help retain employees.


Finally: Be Open to Feedback. Your employees care about patients and may see things that can be changed to help improve the quality of care for patients – and even the “bottom line” in some circumstances. Maintain an open door policy as much as you can and welcome both positive and negative feedback, with the understanding that there is value in each from employees who care deeply about what they are doing.


Your facility doesn’t have to have a “revolving door” for turnaround, not when you work to retain employees! 

About Saleem Mohammed
PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: I have substantial experience in Healthcare Marketing and PR, Human Resources Management, Medical Staffing, Outsourcing & Backroom Office Establishment and Management, Healthcare Account Management, and Multimedia Marketing. My recruitment experience covers nurses, therapists and other allied healthcare workers that are sourced all over US and overseas. As BDO, I brought a start-up company to its highest revenue mark, expanded its menu of services, designed & streamlined HR procedures and built effective cost-cutting measures. SPECIALTIES include, but is not limited to: Healthcare Marketing, Human Resources Management, Medical Staffing, Staffing Coordinator, Healthcare Recruitment, Account Management, Business Development, Healthcare Sales and Pricing Strategy, HR Training & Development, Career Coaching

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