Encourage Employees to Manage Job Stress Before it “Manages” Them

We think everyone knows that healthcare employees work hard. Often they work long hours and under tense situations, sometimes facing critical care patients and concerns. It’s logical to understand that many healthcare employees would face job stress, something that many professionals deal with from time to time.


But as healthcare professionals, it is a delicate balance: it is crucial that they manage their job stress before it “manages” them because they care for patients. Many of the signs related to job stress can wind up affecting your on-the-job performance. As a hospital or medical facility, don’t think you can hope that job stress doesn’t happen in your facility or “wish” it all away. It is far better to be proactive and have a plan than to see top-notch employees become vulnerable to job stress and experience uncomfortable symptoms that put everyone at risk.


According to WebMD, the symptoms of job stress are:


Difficulty sleeping


Trouble concentrating




Losing your temper or “a short fuse”


Stomach aches


Low morale at work or job dissatisfaction


There are some common causes of job stress, some which an employer can help with.


One of them is more responsibility at work. This can come through a promotion – or simply adding more duties onto someone’s already hard working shoulders. This creates a stressful situation for any employee. As a hospital or medical facility if you realize you are in a circumstance where you will need to add additional duties for employees, look for ways you can relieve their stress. This is a valuable contribution you can make to the employees, patients and the entire facility.


Job satisfaction is another concern that often leads to job stress. Admittedly, this is not always under an employee’s control. If you have a healthcare employee who dreams of being an opera singer, you could have a top-notch medical facility and they would still long to be singing arias! But if you feel morale could be slipping in departments, look for ways to raise it. Giving employees feedback and praise about their performance is one of the top ways you can help to relieve job stress. Don’t forget to say “Thank you.”


A working environment with poor communication can often lead to great job stress for just about everyone. If morale is down and most employees seem frustrated and are verbalizing this, this is often a sign that communication skills need to be improved. Yes, this can be a lot of work but it is well worth the effort, to improve each department and the quality of care for your patients. Smoothing out what may be simple misunderstandings between coworkers and departments may increase your facility’s performance in ways you can’t begin to image.


Take the time to think now: what can I do to prevent job stress for my employees this quarter?


Source: http://www.webmd.com/balance/stress-management/tc/managing-job-stress-topic-overview

About Saleem Mohammed
PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: I have substantial experience in Healthcare Marketing and PR, Human Resources Management, Medical Staffing, Outsourcing & Backroom Office Establishment and Management, Healthcare Account Management, and Multimedia Marketing. My recruitment experience covers nurses, therapists and other allied healthcare workers that are sourced all over US and overseas. As BDO, I brought a start-up company to its highest revenue mark, expanded its menu of services, designed & streamlined HR procedures and built effective cost-cutting measures. SPECIALTIES include, but is not limited to: Healthcare Marketing, Human Resources Management, Medical Staffing, Staffing Coordinator, Healthcare Recruitment, Account Management, Business Development, Healthcare Sales and Pricing Strategy, HR Training & Development, Career Coaching

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