University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing

A Big Congratulations to the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing‘s 15th Annual “Cameos of Caring” Awards Gala. They honored 73 terrific nurses this year from different health care facilities. This awards ceremony was created in 1999, to honor and recognize nurses for their hard work and dedication. As of this year, more than 750 nurses have received awards from the University of Pittsburgh. What makes a nurse stand head & shoulders above the rest? Who would you nominate for an award and why?


About Saleem Mohammed
PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: I have substantial experience in Healthcare Marketing and PR, Human Resources Management, Medical Staffing, Outsourcing & Backroom Office Establishment and Management, Healthcare Account Management, and Multimedia Marketing. My recruitment experience covers nurses, therapists and other allied healthcare workers that are sourced all over US and overseas. As BDO, I brought a start-up company to its highest revenue mark, expanded its menu of services, designed & streamlined HR procedures and built effective cost-cutting measures. SPECIALTIES include, but is not limited to: Healthcare Marketing, Human Resources Management, Medical Staffing, Staffing Coordinator, Healthcare Recruitment, Account Management, Business Development, Healthcare Sales and Pricing Strategy, HR Training & Development, Career Coaching

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