Real Time Nursing Situations

University of Southern Indiana nursing students are preparing to handle real-life nursing situations by working with a simulator. The simulator has a pulse, makes body function sounds and can help them plan for working with patients. If you are a nurse, how did you prepare to work with patients on a unit or in the ER? If you are a nursing student, what has helped you prepare to work with patients?



A nursing professor has created an innovative ostomy resource to help her fellow nurses! Janice Beitz, a professor at the Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden was part of a research team which created an ostomy algorithm. This algorithm is a step-by-step aid that lets nurses assess ostomy patients and their specific needs. This is exciting news and will certainly help many nurses who serve ostomy patients and will help the patients receive excellent care. As a nurse, how have you helped your fellow nurses? Share with us in the comments!



In the mood for a good giggle? Take a short break today and enjoy these 10 favorite nursing jokes from Scrubs Magazine! Share your favorite nursing or medical joke with us!


Apps have become popular with nurses. A study done last year showed that 71% of nurses used their Smartphones professionally. Here are 11 popular apps from Apple to use on your iPhone to help patients and make the workday run smoothly! Share your favorite nursing and medical apps with us!



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