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hysical Therapists in the Philippines Banned from Taking U.S. Physical Therapy Exam

Written by adminFeatured News, News HighlightsJul 20, 2010

By Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau


Woodside, New York— Lemuel Tagaan came to the U.S. in January this year to take some review lessons and eventually to take the National Physical Therapy exam or NPTE.

The Cebuano’s dream was to eventually work in a rehabilitation facility in New York.

But after spending about a $1,000 on review schools and credential evaluating exams in the Philippines and in New York, he found out that he is one of the hundreds of physical therapists from the Philippines who were banned to take the test.

This U.S. Licensure Exam would have been the last step he needed to take to be able to work legally here as a physical therapist

“Yun na lang talaga… Pasado na ako sa lahat ng credentials ko, evaluated na, pasado na ako sa English ko, sa Visa Screen pasado na, yung exam na lang talaga,” said 26- year -old Lemuel Tagaan.

Another physical therapist who can’t take the test, Al Abalo said, “It’s so devastating, and of course, sad kasi naghihirap kasi kaming mag study tapos yun yung craft naming eh, yung mag work as physical therapists dito sa United States.”

The Federation Of State Boards of Physical Therapy or FSBPT’s ban on Filipinos came after an unknown group of exam takers from the Philippines allegedly shared exam answers with others.

“Huwag naman sanang i-ban, kung ano lang, puwede baguhin na lang nila ang exam every now and then, hindi naman ban,” said Tagaan

28- year- old Abalo, who also came to the U.S. in January, had already taken the NPTE test in June but he failed by only 1%.  So when he decided to retake the exam, the ban was already in effect.

Abalo said, since he can’t work as a physical therapist, he decided to take a job at a rehabilitation facility in Brooklyn, New York as a therapy aide.  He gets paid much lower than what physical therapists would earn.

Abalo said, “Para sa akin ok na rin yun, kaysa wala di ba, at least parang na-pa-practice mo na rin yung kakayahan mo as physical therapist kasi nag trabaho ka rin sa rehab clinics.”

Both Tagaan and Abalo joined an online petition to lift the ban on immigrants to take the exam.

The petition protests the alleged discriminatory action of the FSBPT. The petition also cites that law-abiding, honest and hard working physical therapists should not be punished.

Tagaan said he’d like to call on all physical therapists  “Na para i-fight natin yun right natin, kasi unfair yung ginagawa nila sa ating mga foreign trained physical therapists, kailangan we all be united para ma fight natin, para maririnig nila  kung ano yung panawagan natin. ”

Abalo advised our kababayans, “Para sa akin don’t lose hope, dapat mag-pray tayo palagi tapos kung wala pang work eh di maghanap muna di ba for the meantime habang wala.”

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