Baby Boomers are Doing More Than Simply Aging Gracefully

The baby boom generation continues to demand more out of life while maintaining a youthful outlook that defies growing old. According to a new poll conducted by the Associated Press and, people born during the period spanning nearly two decades, between 1947 and 1965, believe that “you are as young as you feel” and they plan to keep on working and living instead of opting for passive retirement.

Among those boomers interviewed, a surprising number plan to work until they are at least 65, or even 70, just as long as their employment doesn’t require heavy physical strength, as a decline in strength seems to be a major concern. Otherwise, they have few worries about physical ailments overall. In fact, about 75 percent considered themselves to be middle-aged or younger in their sixties, with the average age at which they considered themselves old was 70.

The baby boomer generation engages in more exercise and eats healthier, in addition to drinking and smoking less than their parents did, which has gone a long way to preserve health, and prolong stamina. In addition, getting adequate sleep and downing more water has contributed to better health for this generation of positive thinkers.

The findings suggest that even after reaching advanced years, baby boomers are determined to hold on to their youth, because they have a lot of living to do. And, live is just what they can do, because in addition to better health, this generation has enjoyed more than their fair share of prosperity with soaring house values attained, pensions achieved, and plenty of time on their hands.

Of course, improvements in healthcare have played a major role in the ability of the boomers to keep living large. Finding themselves free of job and career obligations, many have the time and means to travel, and can also spoil their grandchildren like never before among generations past… read more through link.

via Baby Boomers are Doing More Than Simply Aging Gracefully.

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