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I’ve been told everything is big in Texas. One new mother helped prove that point on Friday when she gave birth to a 16 pound, 1 oz. baby boy. A world record? Well no. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest newborn was a 23 pound, 12oz. baby born in Canada in 1879. But this newborn will most certainly hold the record for the hospital he was born in, Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview, and possibly even the great state of Texas. The state of Texas is busy combing the records now. And since Texas is into being bigger than anyone else, it certainly couldn’t have happened to a better state. Or a nicer couple.

His name is JaMichael Brown. An unusual name, but his parents names are Janet and Michael. That’s kind of sweet. You probably need to write that name down and remember it, because 18 years from now, I’m betting we hear it again when colleges start drafting for football players.

His parents, Janet Johnson and Michael Brown had admittedly been expecting a large baby. Janet had some issues with gestational diabetes which is known to cause larger babies. The doctors had told them to expect a larger baby, but everyone was surprised at JaMichael’s actual size at birth. He was a good 4 pounds larger than what they had expected. JaMichael wasn’t fooling around.

Not only did he top 16 pounds, but he is nearly 2 feet long, with a full head of hair. He is about the size of a 3 to 6 month old. In fact, so large that the hospital did not have diapers to fit him available in the nursery. Fortunately for his mom, he was born as a scheduled cesarean. I had two girls naturally and the largest was 7 lbs. and I felt like I was delivering a volkswagen. So bless the doctor that made the call on the cesarean. I’m sure she is glad about that too.

via Everything is Bigger in Texas- Including the Babies! – Technorati Technorati Women.

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